• Pigments for lnks and Coatings油墨与涂料用颜料
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    Our Cinilex® pigments, suitable for both solvent-borne and water-borne ink systems, are an ideal choice for lamination, UV systems and inkjet inks where excellent lightfastness, weathering fastness and food contact are required.

    Our Cinilex® portfolio of high performance organic pigments consists of a range of high quality and highly durable products for use in a wide range of coating and paint applications. This focused range are characterized by high chroma, high color strength and high opacity in conjunction with outstanding weather fastness and light fastness. Both opaque and transparent grades are available for the majority of the chemistries in the range.

    Fully compliant with all the regulatory requirements of the global market, this portfolio offers our customers the possibility to standardize their pigment selection onto just a few products.

    Whether your requirement is for automotive OEM, refinish, industrial, decorative or powder coating, there is always a Cinilex® solution for you.

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    This chart is based on our current market and technical knowledge. There is no guarantee of result and in any case, users should test the pigment in their own binder or polymer system for their specific application.